BotEngine Settings

luiza jurczyk

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In BotEngine essential things happen under the cover. Go to the settings section to change the matching accuracy in your stories, the bot behaviour and your account settings.

To find your settings, click on your profile avatar that you can find in lower left corner and select Settings.

Here you can find three categories of settings:


In this section you can view the email address used for the registration and request changing the password.


In general settings you can change two important settings: Lifespan and Confidence score.

  • Lifespan is responsible for providing better user experience, by limiting the maximum number of errors allowed in the conversation. Find out more about lifespan here.
  • With Confidence score you can set up the accuracy of your matching system. Find out more about Confidence Score here.

API keys

In Settings you can also find two API keys:

Client access token - this token should be used to invoke /query endpoint. It can be visible to your users.

Developer access token- this token is only for you and should be kept in private. This token allows you to make requests to our API.

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