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Messenger is the Facebook’s instant messaging app used by over 1.2 billion people all over the world. The app allows sending text messages and media, handles voice and video calls, payments and much more.

By integrating BotEngine with your Facebook fan page, you can significantly increase the volume of daily conversations you can handle with your followers, customers, and fans and focus on those interactions, which require personal insight.

Facebook Messenger integration allows you to quickly publish your bots on your Facebook fan pages. You don’t need a Facebook application to run this integration.

What can your bot do for your fan page?

  • Greet your visitors with a personalized welcome message.
  • User bot responses designed only for Facebook Messenger.
  • Don’t let your customers wait for the reply. The bot answers instantly!
  • Your chatbot can manage your chat and relieve you from answering FAQs.

Before to start

  • Remember that you can integrate your bots with maximum 10 fan pages.
  • One fan page can be managed by only one chat bot.
  • We recommend you to set up your fan page before creating your bot.
  • BotEngine has many cool features designed only for Messenger.

How to integrate your bot with Messenger

  1. Go to the integrations and select Messenger.
  2. Click on the Connect with Facebook button to access your fan pages.
  3. Select the fan page you want your bot to work with
  4. Switch on the Get Started Button if you want your visitors to be welcomed by your bot.

Set the `welcome` message: Personalize the greeting using the user’s name. To do that, insert the attributes: user_first_name, user_last_name and user_full_name.

  1. Click on the Confirm button so save your integration.
  2. You’re all set up! Test your chatbot in Facebook Messenger.

From now your bot agent greets and talks with everyone that starts the chat with integrated fan page.

Note that transferring your client to a human agent and muting the bot isn’t possible with this integration.

How to disable/delete active integrations

  1. Go to the integrations and select Messenger.
  2. Now you can see all your active integrations with Messenger.
  3. Click on the switch button next to the integration to turn it off. You can also delete it completely by clicking on the remove button.

Bot responses available for Messenger

With Facebook Messenger you can use many bot responses designed specially for this platform. Check out the list of available responses here.

Messenger attributes

The Messenger integration saves attributes, such as avatar, name or URL, automatically. That allows you to create more personalized bot responses and adds

You can use attributes directly in your response or pass them to your database. To use a parameter in your response, use the curly brackets. Let’s see it with the following example:

Hi default_user_name, how can I help you?

The message will be displayed on the welcome screen of the chat for the people that are interacting with your bot for the first time.

List of the attributes available for Facebook Messenger

Check out the list of the attributes available for Facebook Messenger and start creating personalized chats. Find out more about attributes here.

Messenger Bot Responses

With Facebook Messenger you can use many bot responses designed specially for this platform. Go to the compatibility table to check out which responses work with this integration.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can set welcome in postback to invoke Default Welcome interaction. You can also invoke any other root interaction. Remember to set this postback in the chosen interaction in the User Says section.
  • To turn off the bot, use the switch. Now your bot isn’t active and you can reply to all incoming messages.


Now you can test your bot in Messenger. The conversation history is always available in the archives. Find them using with the integration filter.

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